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18 01, 2017

RAGE College Signing Night

Rage College Signing Night

Wednesday, Feb. 1st 

Pleasanton Marriott – 11950 Dublin Canyon Rd., Pleasanton

6:15 PM: Meet and Greet the Players

7:00 to 9:00 PM: Ceremony

Light refreshments will be served

RAGE Players and Families!!

Please join us in celebrating our competitive players’ and the Club’s success at College Signing Night.

This is a night you will not want to miss!

The culmination of years of hard work and dedication to soccer pays off with our girls committing to play collegiate soccer.

Congrats to the Class of 2017!!!

12 01, 2017

2017 RAGE Executive Committee Election Results

1-12-2017 Notice to the Membership:

On January 11, 2017, at the RAGE Board of Directors meeting, the following candidates were elected by unanimous vote as officers of the Club:
President: Jon Asmussen
Competitive Vice President: Martha Brown
Recreational Vice President: Mike Stewart
Secretary: Dan Allari
Treasurer: Ross Stonesifer

Their duties are effective immediately, and they will serve for a one year term.

5 01, 2017

Siena Q’s Dream Team

Hi, my name is Siena Queirolo, and I play for 05 Elite II. For my leadership project, I invited soccer players from different clubs to team up in the spirit of good sportsmanship, friendship, and compassion to pack food at Kids Against Hunger in Pleasanton.

Kids Against Hunger, or KAH, is an organization where they organize people to raise money and pack food to be shipped around the world to kids that need it. Haiti is an example of one of the places where KAH provides food. These kids don’t have any shelter, food, or sometimes even families. I really like this organization because I think they are doing a good thing by feeding hungry kids. Plus, it is a fun experience for groups when they pack food together. I did it with my soccer team during the summer as a team bonding event. We had fun doing something good for others.

It was important to me to help children that are not as fortunate as me. I thought I could accomplish more if I could get more people involved. I thought it would help me with my leadership skills as well. For my leadership project, I really wanted to inspire others to help and make a difference in the world.

First, I called the Sherri, the person who is the head organizer for KAH, to book a date to pack food.  I hoped to get at least 20 people packing food on December 15, 2016.  Then, I called some of my friends that I knew played soccer. I asked them if they could bring some friends from their teams to the packing event. I also sent an email to current and past teammates.  It was hard to get volunteers because it was a busy time of year. The last few days before the event, I finally saw people signing up. Over 40 people signed up and came to my packing event. Finally, I made chocolate chip cookies for the kids and adults who participated in the event. I put a tag on it with a lot of inspirational quotes on it.

The packing event was amazing! Soccer players from 4 different clubs came together and packed 6,264 meals.  I saw players from Pleasanton Rage, Livermore Fusion, West Coast, and Dublin United. I couldn’t believe it!  I think that we did a really good thing and made a difference in the world working together. I hope that I inspired other players to set up their own packing events and pack even more meals than my group did.

5 01, 2017

Picking Up Trash

My name is Audrey and I am on the U-11 orange team. I decided to help pick up trash in local parks. I walked around in the parks looking for recycling cans and bottles and trash. After I picked up the trash I went to trade the recycled items for money in the Pleasanton recycling center. After I got the money I gave them to one of my teachers. Every year he makes these ornaments for the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. He buys the material and we help him make it. I gave him the money to be able to use it to buy more material to make the ornaments. I feel good about what I did though. Keeping the parks clean and helping other kids who are in the hospital beds instead of home. Overall, it was a fun and smelly experience.

5 01, 2017

Cleats For Kids

cleatsMy name is Julia Lindstrom. For my leadership project I wanted to do something soccer related, so I asked people to donate used soccer gear to help the Sayulita Fúútbol bol Club. On my family’s last trip to Sayulita we donated soccer balls to the club. At that point the club was just starting, but with this donation hopefully will allow more and more girls to learn of the opportunities presented to them by this club and they will get the amazing experience of playing for a soccer club on a team. I asked players from RAGE and BUSC to donate their used soccer gear to help give less-fortunate kids more opportunities. I was fortunate enough to receive many donations. Some of the ways that we gathered the donations was by waiting with a bin after soccer practices, having a bin outside of our house, and we sometimes went to people’s houses to pick up soccer donations. During my inventory, I counted 104 donations in total.s, including soccer cleats, jerseys, practice shirts, various sized soccer balls, goalie gear, and lots of socks!
Thank you for taking the time and effort to give these donations to the girls of Sayulita because it will really have an impact on this quaint town. Thanks for your support RAGE and BUSC!

5 01, 2017

RAGE 04 Premier – East Bay SPCA



By: Ashley Heck, Erica Haley, Kaitlyn Lemus, and Kayla Robertson

Our names are Ashley, Erica, Kaitlyn, and Kayla.  We are from the RAGE 2004 Premier team. For our leadership project we agreed to raise money for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (“SPCA”), specifically the East Bay SPCA.

The East Bay SPCA is committed to the welfare of cats and dogs helping those that are injured, lost, or abandoned. Their focus is to raise awareness of animal cruelty and provide adoptions for cats and dogs. They are the East Bay’s oldest animal welfare organization helping animals since 1874.

Our goal was to raise $250 for donation to the East Bay SPCA.  We put our brains together and decided to make homemade dog treats.  One afternoon, we got together and baked lots of dog treats and placed them in nicely decorated bags which we sold for $5.00 each.  We sold our homemade dog treats at the Pleasanton Cubby’s Dog Park, around neighborhoods, and at RAGE soccer games.

We are excited to report we raised a total of $265 exceeding our goal. We delivered our donation to the East Bay SPCA and they were very appreciative.

5 01, 2017

Open Heart Kitchen Donation

Hi, we are Zoe Triantos and Emma Vollgraf  from RAGE 06 Grey team and we participated in the RAGE Leadership program this year.  For our service project we decided to help those who starve every day. We completed this project by hosting a bake sale in front of our school (Walnut Grove Elementary), and helped raise money and awareness.  We donated all of the money that we made to the Open Heart Kitchen Foundation in Livermore, CA.  We made over $18o from selling baked goods for $1.00, and other family and friends also decided to donate money so in total we collected $250.00.  This money will help the Open Heart Kitchen to feed five families.

Even though you may not notice it at the time but you are really helping someone in need!!  Every single cent of every single dollar could save someones life! I hope you consider donating to the Open Heart Kitchen Foundation, or any other place that helps those in need!

Open Heart Kitchen Information:

Location: 1141 Catalina Drive, Livermore, CA. They move around the bay area weekly ( San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore)

The Open Heart Kitchen Foundation helps raise food, money, and awareness for those who are in need of food and shelter.

For further information please visit: openheartkitchen.org


Zoe Triantos & Emma Vollgraf

RAGE 06 Grey Team

2 01, 2017

Holiday Gifts for Local Kids and Families

Holiday Gifts for Local Kids and Families

Our service project was working with the Pleasanton Police Department to deliver Holiday Gifts to kids and families around Pleasanton who don’t have a lot of money to buy gifts. The P.P.D (Pleasanton Police Department) gave us a list of kids by age and gender that were in need of gifts. We shared that list with our soccer team and asked them to donate gifts for our project. Some people donated money for us to pick out the gifts instead. We also asked for donations from our friends and family as well. We then took the money that was donated and went shopping for the kids on the list we still needed gifts for which was fun! We ended up having a gift for all of the kids on the list! When we donated all the gifts to the P.P.D they told us we could go out with them to deliver them! We met the officer at the police station on Dec. 20th, 2016. They told us which items we would be delivering, and introduced us to the officer that would be helping us. He let us load up a wagon and wheel them to the car and load them in. We got to ride in the police car, even though there wasn’t any lights it was pretty cool. We made lots of stops and everyone was very thankful. We felt very happy we were able to give to kids who might not have gotten a present during the holidays! It reminded us to be thankful for what we have and to always give more than we receive. It definitely made us feel happy that day to make others smile.

-Camryn Hobizal and Daniela Robinson, 05 Grey RAGE

29 12, 2016


books-for-barriosHi, our names are Kalena Johnson and Lulanie-Jolie Chauchie-Chop and we play on the RAGE U-14 ECNL team. We choose to work with BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS. BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS is a hands-on non-profit organization dedicated to donating books to kids in need in the Philippines. They give books to the schools to help with language immersion and ‌ education.

We were committed and passionate about earning money and collecting preschool-third grade colored picture books. We both like to read and get involved, and believe that reading is a crucial step in a young child’s education. We live in different areas which made collecting books twice as fast. We enjoyed making posters and engaging with other families so as to serve a better cause. We would go door to door and emailing, kindly asking for a donation. We sent out and printed information letters to our friends, family, and anyone else willing to help, explaining all the info about our project. After this, our parents drove the books to BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS headquarters‌ in Walnut Creek.  We collected a staggering 296 books.

BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS is ‌ very rewarding to know that you are helping children in the Philippines, and contributing to their educational futures. We would ‌ recommend donating to BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS and we can’t wait to help more.

28 12, 2016

06 Elite – Open Heart Kitchen


Open Heart Kitchen

By: Olivia, Brooklyn, Sydney, and Paige

Hi, this is Olivia, Brooklyn, Sydney, and Paige. We are Rage 06 Elite. For our project, we went to Open Heart Kitchen. Open Heart Kitchen is an organization that distributes free lunches to kids in need. They receive free snacks over the weekend from their school every Friday. It was a really fun project!

We made little quotes to make things different, and more special. Some of the quotes said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” “Never stop learning,”“You are loved,” “Enjoy the little things,” and “ You are made to be awesome.” We hope the kids will love the messages.

ohk1We went to Livermore on Wednesday, December 21 after school. What we did was all four of us stood on one side of a table. There was food on the table. It worked like an assembly line. So first Brooklyn opened a paper bag. Then, she put one of the quotes that we designed, in the bag. After that, she put juice and a milk carton in there. When she was done she passed it down to Olivia. Olivia then put an apple and an orange in the bag and passed it to Paige. Paige then put in carrots and a little bag of goldfish. After Paige put the food in, she passed the paper bag to Sydney. When Sydney received it she put a granola bar and a muffin in the bag. Then, after Sydney got the bag she passed it to Paige’s mom Melissa and then she rolled the bag up and put into a crate. We repeated that process until we had 550 bags packed.
After we were done packing lunches, we felt more appreciative of what we have to eat. We realized how lucky we are to have access to food whenever we want too. Leadership was a very good experience for us!