Pleasanton RAGE Select Program

Our Select Program is geared toward players who desire a soccer commitment that is more demanding than Recreational but less than Competitive. Players tryout and are selected and coached by paid RAGE staff. Select allows parent coaches subject to coaching license requirements and approval by the RAGE Director of Coaching.

Practice is 2 times per week. The teams participate in a NorCal league and other tournaments. Select is an extended Fall season program running from late July to mid-December.

Select teams are formed at tryouts in May. For current tryout information press the “Tryouts” button below.

RAGE Select Information


Select Age Groups: U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, and a U16-U19 combo team.


Pleasanton Rage is required to follow US Soccer age group definitions.

These age group definition changes are necessary to align RAGE with other local clubs, and US Soccer with international standards.
Our intent for our Select Program is to have at least one team in each of the U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, and U15 age groups. We also intend to have a combined U16-U19 team. We will consider combining other age groups only if the numbers and circumstances warrant it.

Pleasanton RAGE Age Group Chart


  • 5 months (July-December)
  • 2 x weekly training
  • U9-U19 age groups
  • Professional (licensed) coaching
  • Competitive League – NorCal Bronze level or lower
  • 2 tournament opportunities
  • Tryouts in May


2024: $995 + $325 reg + $150 volunteer fee


Can my daughter tryout for Comp AND Select?2020-07-02T21:09:25-07:00

Players are welcome to attend Comp tryouts and if they are not placed on a Comp team, they are encouraged to attend Select tryouts.

How will teams be formed?2024-04-24T19:01:35-07:00
  • Teams will be formed by skill level determined by our professional coaches at club placements (tryouts) in May.
  • Select teams will be formed in the U9-U19 age groups if there are enough players at placements (tryouts) registered to play.  Multiple teams per age group could be formed based on the numbers.
How will placements (tryouts) work?2022-05-10T19:04:36-07:00

Tryouts will take place in May immediately after the Comp tryouts are completed. Coaches will evaluate players and choose players for Select teams.  If players do not make a Select team, they will have a place on a Recreational team in the Fall.

Will you have additional annual programming for our Select players?2020-05-26T15:59:53-07:00

While we will not have year-round games for our Select players, we will offer additional training sessions in the Winter and Spring months.

Does RAGE support multi-sport athletes?2022-05-10T19:05:20-07:00

Absolutely! We support players playing multiple sports at our Competitive, Select, and Recreational levels.

As a guideline, there is an exception that Select players will attend a minimum of 75% of training sessions.

Can I coach my daughter’s Select team?2020-05-26T15:48:11-07:00

All Select coaches will be professional, paid coaches with minimum USSF licensing requirements. Within our Select program, we will consider parent coaches who meet these requirements within the hiring process with the Recreation Director and Director of Coaching. Current RAGE Competitive coaching staff will have Head Coaching positions within the Select program.

When will Select teams play games and who will they play against?2022-05-10T19:07:04-07:00
  • Game schedules will be released in August, with games likely taking place on various Saturdays and Sundays, with the potential for more than 1 game per weekend.  Tryouts will take place in May, with training beginning in mid to late July.
  • Select teams will compete in the Bronze NorCal division for league play and in a comparable NorCal State Cup Division.  Travel for league play will typically be within a 30-mile radius.
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