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Pleasanton RAGE Recreational Program

Recreational soccer is the largest component of Pleasanton Rage with approximately 70% of players participating in this program. The primary objective of the Recreational program is to provide a consistently positive soccer experience for the youth of our community.

Recreational Program

U5-U12 (In House) and U14, U16, U19 (Local Traveling House)

Standings / Awards
U5-U8:  No scores or standings; Participation Trophies provided to all players.
U9-U12: Standings are kept; Only 1st and 2nd place receive awards.
U14-U19: These age groups play in local Traveling House leagues and compete with teams from outside of Pleasanton within District 3.  Awards are dependent on the league in which a team plays.

RAGE Recreational Information

Recreational soccer currently utilizes the following age groups: U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19.  For age group dates, see the Age Group Chart.

Rage has taken great care to develop team formation processes that provide the best possible soccer experience for our membership – players, coaches, and parents.  The Recreational Team Formation processes are published so that everyone has the opportunity to understand the process details as well as the foundational benefits and rationale.

Player requests are considered and filled where possible at every level but cannot be guaranteed.  Reciprocal friend requests and negative requests (requests NOT to play with a player or coach) are prioritized. The only way to guarantee specific placement of a player is for the parent/guardian of that player to be a coach on that team.  Each team has up to one head coach and two assistant coaches.

Friend Request Friend / Carpool requests accepted
Fulfillment of requests cannot be guaranteed
Registration request field U6-U12 REC: Team formation is based primarily on school and neighborhood alignment. Reciprocated friend requests are considered wherever possible but cannot be guaranteed as there are many factors involved.

U14-U19 REC: Prior to forming their teams in a draft process, coaches are provided with selected registration fields: player name, age group, school, and requests. Although friend and coach requests cannot be guaranteed, unless there is a direct conflict, requests are usually filled.

Every player will be assigned a team as long as space is available with priority given for earlier registration.
See Rage Rec Team Formation Policy for complete details.

Specific Coach Not supported until U14 Registration request field Requests for a specific coach are considered during the draft process beginning with the U14 age group.
Negative Request Strongly considered Registration request field Requests NOT to be placed with a specific coach or player based on negative prior engagement are kept strictly confidential and fulfilled whenever possible.
Play-Up Staff approval required Play-Up Request required Play up requests are evaluated and approved by Rage Staff based on player ability and available space in the age group. Play-Up Request Form
Play-Down Only considered for diagnosed disability;
Staff approval required
Play down requests require diagnosed player disability and are evaluated and approved by Rage Staff based on player ability and available space in the requested age group.
Practice Location/Time Not considered N/A Practice location/time is at the sole discretion of the coach based on available field space. Please let your coach know if you have any specific practice location/time requirements.
Refunds Varies based on request date Email Refunds are available based on the requested date.

Please view our Refund Request Policy page.

The AGC is the main contact for questions pertaining to a specific age group. They also assist in team formation and coach recruitment and communication. See the Age Group Coordinator list for contact information.

Our community is always in need of referees at every level of soccer, starting with very simple U9 recreational games.   Officiating games is another great way to support the club, the game, and the youth of our community.  Please visit the Referee Information page for more details.

Recreational program practices begin in August.  Practices are 60-90 minutes, 1-2 days per week, depending on coach availability and player age.

The 8-10 game season begins in late August and completes before Thanksgiving.  Games are typically played on Saturdays.  There are no games on Labor Day weekend. Some age groups may play some or all of their games in a local traveling house league.  This determination is based on registration numbers and on the availability of an appropriate local division league in which to participate.  These factors change every year and are beyond RAGE’s control.

Rage relies on the valued support of hundreds of volunteers every season.  Registration discounts are available to volunteers and there are many volunteer opportunities – Coaches, Referees, Age Group Coordinators, etc.   Please visit the Volunteer Procedure page for more details.