Volunteer Registration Reimbursement

Pleasanton Girls Soccer is greatly dependent on the volunteer support of our membership to help enable a positive soccer experience for about 2000 players. In return for these volunteer efforts, the club offers to reimburse a portion of the cost of player registration.  Rage will either provide a $50 check < or > a letter for tax purposes indicating that a $50 contribution has been made to this non-profit organization.

Please indicate your willingness to offer your time by checking off an important function you would like to perform and how you would like to be compensated for your time (check or donation). If you feel you cannot make a time commitment, please indicate by checking that selection. Either way, we thank you for carefully considering this modest, but important opportunity to help your soccer club.

Sign up for volunteer positions and activities during player registration and/or contact the RAGE Volunteer Director: rage-volunteers@pleasantonrage.org

Once you have completed your volunteer work, fill out the Volunteer Reimbursement Form (below).

Reimbursement Limitations:

  • Please note that volunteer reimbursement is available on a PER FAMILY basis.¬† That is, reimbursements are limited to one per family address per playing season.
  • Tournament support is a requirement for every Competitive team family. While this help is greatly appreciated, it does not qualify for registration reimbursement. Instead, the team has its application fee waived.
  • Many teams also have internal volunteer opportunities such as treasurer, banner parent, etc. The time and effort may be significant and essential but the support is team-specific. ¬†Registration reimbursement is available only for volunteer coaches and for volunteer positions that provide support at a club level.


Rage Board Member Age Group Coordinator Coach
Rage Board Committee Member Referee (4 game minimum) Assistant Coach
Special Board Appointment


Field Sweeping Registration Opening Day Parade
Clubwide Social Events Snack Bar (Val Vista) Spring Soccer
Volunteer Activity Coordinator Team Placement Support Back Office Support
Kick-a-Thon Rage Wear Sales Rec Publicity Coordinator