Registration Refund Policy

Player’s circumstances may change between registration in the spring and the start of the soccer season in the fall. Injuries, family moves, or just a change in heart or circumstance are a few of the drivers of change. Because the Club incurs costs triggered by registration (administrative, equipment, staff, etc.) that increase over time, your refund amount will be reduced the longer you wait to apply for the refund.

The following are the cut-off dates and percentage of registration amount returned:

From Registration thru May 31st 100% less $50 admin fee
From June 1st thru July 31 100% less $100 admin fee
From August 1 onwards No Refunds
Up to September 15 Pro rated refund for season-ending injury with doctor verification less admin fee of $50


Registration Refund Form

Registration Refund Form

  • Original amount paid at the time you registered your daughter.