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NorCal State Cup Finals

2018-02-28T13:15:20-08:00February 28th, 2018|

RAGE 05 Premier team are fall league Norcal champs! The girls went for a run of 8-2-1 allowing only 7 goals all season.

Pictured from left to right: Coach Ray Hooft, Brooke Walker, Parker Brown, Zoe Franks, Devyn Hasty, Lily Keegan, Gracie Segundo, Skylar Bedolla, Jillian Barth, Ella Thurlow, Mia Rabuco, Lauren Grgurina, Sydney Mutzl, Madison Belton, Iris Li, Angelina Ricupati.

NorCal State Cup Finals

2018-02-28T13:06:46-08:00February 28th, 2018|

This past weekend marked the end of State Cup for the NorCal U11 age group…and it was not without fireworks. Coach Jarreth Chan and the Pleasanton Rage 07 Elite team rallied off 3 consecutive wins in the seeded Premier 1 bracket – beating Placer Gold, Juventus Black and ultimately, on Sunday February 25, the Newark Elite Strikers – a longtime nemesis. Sunday’s epic battle was a close 1-0 through the first 55 minutes. Rage got up early on a corner kick and finish and held defensively. Then with time running down, put away two more to seal their win, walking away with 9th place among the 100+ team tournament.

The 07 Elite team really peaked as the Fall season closed. Through their last 15 games (since October) – the team won 10, lost 1 and tied 4. A testament to all the hard work and focus that the girls put in these last few months.

Great effort girls, and congratulation!

Picture: Rafa Sapiz, Jessica Najar, Reese Bayne, Maylen Montoya, Kayla Rodriguez, Coach Jarreth Chan, Brooke Palmer, Alden Hofstede, Kaia Hoyman, Hayden Moe, Abigail Lopez, Keira Barker, and Aleka Mandava

RAGE College Signing Night

2018-01-16T09:34:42-08:00January 16th, 2018|

Please join us in celebrating our competitive players’ and the Club’s success at College Signing Night. 

WHEN: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WHERE: Marriott Hotel, 11950 Dublin Canyon Road, Pleasanton


6:15 PM: Meet and Greet the Players

7:00 to 9:00 PM: Ceremony

Refreshments will be served

WHO: RAGE Players and Families!!

This is a night you will not want to miss!

The culmination of years of hard work and dedication to soccer pays off with our girls committing to play collegiate soccer.

Congrats to the Class of 2018!!!

The Rage 05 ECNL WIN!

2017-12-13T10:55:22-08:00December 13th, 2017|

The Rage 05 ECNL side finished atop a very competitive NorCal Premier league (Region 3/4/5) following a 1-0 win over Santa Rosa United ECNL.  Rage got out to an early lead, beating the SRU back line followed by a beautiful finish within the opening minutes.  Axel Thibodeau’s team staunch defending kept SRU off the board for the remaining 65+ minutes.  The 05s finished 6-0-2 with an astonishing 31-2 goal differential and are off to compete in the always exciting State Cup season.  Good luck girls!

U-15 USWNT Experience – Maddy Goldberg

2017-03-28T18:55:02-07:00March 14th, 2017|

On January 20, 2016 I got an email that said, “Congratulations, you are part of the initial group of players selected to the roster for the upcoming U.S. Soccer U-15 Girls’ National Team training camp in Carson, California.” I was speechless and extremely excited to know that I would be representing our country.  

On Saturday, February 11 we arrived into LAX. The nerves started to kick in once we landed and got off the plane. After getting to the hotel and checking in, we had a light training after a long day of traveling.

Walking into our locker room at the Stubhub Center, seeing the  U.S. crest on the wall, having your name at the top of your locker, everything prepared and laid out, our jerseys draped over our chair,  just topped it off with another level of inspiration. Being selected as one of the 40 best players in the nation, makes you think about all of the sacrifices you have made, and hard work and dedication you have put into be where you are today.

After training we went back to the hotel and had some dinner and a team meeting directly after that with all of our coaches and our physiologist. We were instructed to fill out a “wellness paper” in the morning. The wellness paper had different columns asking about our level of soreness, level of stress, hours we slept, and fatigueness. These papers helped our trainers to communicate with the coaches how we were feeling and if we are well enough to play. Along with filling out the wellness paper, we had to have daily weigh-ins and hydration tests.

Everyday we had two sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. All five of us goalkeepers would go with our goalkeeper trainer (Nicole Barnhart) before the team would start training. Monday morning was technical testing day. For the goalkeepers they tested mostly on distance and accuracy in the distribution category. Goal Kicks, punts, dropkicks, throws, and all around different types of distribution was judged. Juggling with both feet separately and together were tested as well. Switching between different tests, we had 10-15 balls kicked at us to test our footwork and our skill with our hands. I did pretty well overall in the testing. I placed number one out of the goalkeepers but there is a lot of room for improvement. Our second session that day was very light compared to what we did in the morning.

Friday we were supposed to play two SoCal teams but sadly we had flash flood warnings and 25 mph winds. Our games got moved to Thursday but the SoCal teams could not make it to Stubhub in the limited amount of time. We had an intense morning session on Thursday to prepare us for our scrimmage later on in the day. We ended up splitting the 40 girls into three teams and play 35 minute games against each other.

The speed of play throughout camp was very fast! The way that our team kept possession of the ball was phenomenal. One of our coaches, April Kater said, “The way you guys keep possession of the ball, looks like you have been playing together for 20 years, not just one week.” Each session no matter if we were with the team or just the goalkeepers, they were very intense, fast, and also really fun. Something I learned and was exaggerated at camp many times, was that you are going to fail. You are going to fail and without failing you won’t get better. You figure out your mistake and then fix it. “You are going to humiliate yourself, and you are going to have to laugh it off. Failure is on our journey” – Coach Mark Carr (Head coach). I realized throughout camp, it is okay to fail and you can’t control it. No one is perfect. As much as you don’t want to, you have to accept the goals that go in the back of your net. Something I do after I get scored on is think about my mistake and move past it. You can’t keep thinking about that goal the rest of the game because you then will not perform at your best.

I am extremely thankful and blessed for the opportunity given to me because not everyone is lucky enough to get this chance to shine. “This is your time to shine… shine bright like a diamond” -Coach Mark Carr. I have learned so much at this camp and realized that the smallest and tiniest things make a huge difference in your performance in practice and in games. I hope to be back soon to the training camps with the National Team. A group of players will be taken to Germany in November of 2017 to play a international friendly. My most priorital goal is to improve on my play to get better and to be one of the goalkeepers to get my first cap with the U-15 USWNT in Germany!

I am very appreciative to the Pleasanton Rage Organization as well as Cal North ODP for the opportunities and support they have given me. Special thanks to coaches; Ramiro Rodriguez, Kevin Whitehand, Darin Preszler, John Byford, Walter Pratte, Derrek Lesley, and to my personal coach Justin Rothling who has trained me since I was six years old.


RAGE U10 Elite

2016-08-24T18:00:36-07:00August 24th, 2016|

Pleasanton Rage U10 Elite took the gold division championship at the Soccer By The Bay tournament in Burlingame last weekend.  Led by head coach Jarreth Chan, Rage Elite found the net early and often on their way to a 4-0 weekend and dominating goal differential of 30-6.  The offense was paced by Abby Mai, Rafa Sapiz, Abigail Lopez, Reese Bayne, Aleka Mandava, and Alden Hofstede.  Meanwhile, the defense held staunch.  Eliana Hockaday, Kayla Villarde, Kayla Rodriguez, Keira Barker and Maylen Montoya limited the opposition’s opportunities over the course of the four games.  Chan’s team is gathering momentum for their Fall League, Tournament and State Cup run.  Great work girls and good luck this season.

2016 ECNL/id2 National Training Camp Experience

2017-02-06T23:39:00-08:00August 12th, 2016|

Below is my write-up for the ECNL id2 National Camp on hosted on July 7-10, 2016


This was my first trip flying solo and being alone at a camp/try-out that took place in Portland OR. I was met by a NIKE representative holding an iPad with my name on. It was so cool to see her holding my name! From the airport we headed to the university of Portland where I got my bag for the weekend and campus badge. Once everyone arrived, we were escorted to where our training gear was located and there it was a sign with the words “2016 ECNL id2 NATIONAL TRAINING CAMP” (my jaw dropped seeing all the gear). I saw my locker and there was my name and assigned number was with my new boots and training gear.

Later in the afternoon we were taken to the NIKE World Headquarters were we were given a presentation about each of the NIKE boots given to each of the girls. The presentation was given by a NIKE “EKIN” named Jason. A NIKE “EKIN” is a NIKE marketer who delivers the NIKE message using innovation and grassroots development. He covered the technology that goes into each boot. Some are built for speed, ball control and comfort. I was so impressed by the presentation, It was really cool. I liked NIKE boots prior to the presentation, now I love them.

In the evening we had an hour training session. It consisted of 5v2 keep away, 3v4 dribble across the line and a mini game of 5v5 going to goals with bumpers. I was nerves at first but as the exercises went on I began to feel more comfortable as I focused on the players and my surroundings and constantly being vocal on the field. When I was a bumper, I was directing girls to either have the shot or play it wide or they have me here as an option. These girls are intense, they have great vision which is key and high work ethic. 

DAY 2 

In the morning we received additional training gear which was a sand color top with white shorts and white socks. Our training was a bigger keep away with 7 attackers and 3 defending. Then we played a game where you had to advance the ball and stay in your channel. When you advance the ball you can add another player to overload your team w. extra players. Lastly we went into a small sided game against the 2001 id2 team. After the morning training session, we received another set of training gear to use for the afternoon matches. We wore a grey top and green socks and bottom.

I attended a NIKE focus group where we got the opportunity to review several new training shoes. The NIKE staff wanted to know what we liked about them and what we didn’t like. They also explained how to properly choose training shoes. Lastly they had us rate a bunch of shoes by indicating which ones I would buy and which ones I would not. It was a cool experience to give input on the shoes that were really cool.

In the second training session for the day I started as the #10. I did really well being the outlet and the distributer. I took the corners for the team and got us a PK by heading the ball down and it hit the defender in the arm in the box. During this training session I saw several college coaches watching the games but I only recognized Louisiana State and Santa Clara.


Day 3 was a training and recovery session. In the training session we worked on a passing exercise where the “outside” back plays the attacking mid and the mid plays it back the back. The back plays the ball to the forward to the attacking mid which then would play a thru ball to either forward or attacking back. 

Next we applied the same exercise to a mini half field version and then an 11 v 11. I had a few shots on goal and on one, the goalie had a nice save (I thought it was going in). After the training we had a recovery session. We went into the lounge and rolled out our sore muscles.


Later that evening we attended the Portland thorns vs Seattle reign match. Walking into the stadium and heading to our seats you would see a bunch of people starring at us. Who wouldn’t? A bunch of girls all wearing matching outfits. The game was okay. We left a little after Portland scored. Portland was playing very direct while Seattle had more of a buildup and patience with the ball. It sucked that the national players weren’t there. It would have been a totally different game. 


The last day was the best day. I say this because we got a uniform with our assigned number on it and all teams had a different color. I wore blue white blue. We took a bus to the Nike world headquarters and man was I nervous. The greatest athletes in the world (sponsored by NIKE) have walked through those exact doors and now I can say, “I did too”. We pulled up to the tiger woods center and when you walked through the doors, turn the corner and right there in front you see two beautiful soccer fields: Ronaldo 1 and 2. 

The whole day was spent at the NIKE world headquarters. We played one full match that day. I received the ball but I received the ball on my left w. 3 defenders in front of me. I knew I couldn’t get a clean shot so I played a great ball through splitting two defenders and bam we scored a goal. The coaches knew I cover ground so they had me cover the left back, holding mid and the direct passing lane to the left forward. I had two nice slide tackle. I almost scored too, but of course with my luck, the ball hits the side posts. My team dominated the match, we won 4-2 with one of the goals being assisted by me.

I thank the Rage staff for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. This was a great experience. I am thankful for the opportunity to play against and amongst some of the most Amazing Young Women in the US. That was the cherry on top.

Vanessa Mejia

Rage 2000 ECNL Team

Philippines Women’s National Team ID Camp Experience from Isabella Adamos

2017-02-06T23:39:01-08:00April 27th, 2016|

Isabella Adamos1 The invitation to attend the Philippines Women’s National Team ID camp was exciting and an honor.  When I found out that the scouting coach came to watch me at one of my games at ECNL Arizona last November, I was very excited for the chance to show my skills and knowledge of the game.  The possibility of playing soccer for my native country would be an honor and unforgettable experience.

The first ID camp was in late November and I had no idea how to prepare for it. I asked my coach advice and he gave me simple tasks. He told me to make small personal goals for myself at the camp. For example, try to focus on the basics and simply perfect them. He also said to be myself on the field, to show who I am and how I play. Finally, he advised that I embrace the opportunity and really learn from it. This was the chance of a lifetime and I should try not to stress out or be nervous.

Isabella Adamos2When the first day of the ID camp came, I was pumped and very eager to play. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the other girls who would also be participating. I was a bit intimidated by them at first, but once we started to warm up, I learned that all of them were super friendly and nice. The coaches also had very friendly attitudes and were welcoming to everyone. They immediately began to treat everyone like family and cracked a few jokes here and there. The camp felt a lot like a college ID camp. We were split into three age groups; U14, U16 and U19.  I was in the U16 group.  We went over technical drills that included dribbling and passing, then we moved on to small 1v1 or 3v3 games. I learned that their style of play was very aggressive and technical. We ended the training sessions with a scrimmage amongst the age groups.

During my three days at the November camp, in addition to field sessions, we also attended classroom sessions where we watched videos of the Senior team in past events.  When I was invited to attend the 2nd ID camp in March, I felt so happy and proud to be invited back.  The March camp was similar to the November one except that we mostly scrimmaged the two days that I attended.  I was placed in the U16 group again but this time, I had the opportunity to scrimmage with the U19 group against the U18 ECNL Strikers FC team.  I was so excited because I scored a goal against this team and our group won the scrimmage 5-1.  At the end of the camp, I was told that I had made the U16 pool of players!


The most memorable part of my experience at the PWNT camps was listening to the Senior girls’ experiences. Their descriptions of their journey on the national team were very inspiring. They made me believe that I had the ability to make the team, and that I could be great, like they are. They also emphasized the sisterhood that grew within the team. They called each other “sistersfor life.”  They were family and they would always be there for each other, on and off the field. I was able to relate to how they felt since my Rage U15 ECNL team is my second family and I wouldn’t be where I am today with soccer without them. My teammates always push me to work harder and support me through everything that happens. The bond between us makes us so much stronger as a team, and it shows on the field.

Isabella Adamos3

My journey with the Philippines Women’s National Team is just beginning.  I’m hoping to be called up to play in the 2016 AFC U16 Women’s Championships Qualifiers this August/September.  It would be a dream come true and an once in a lifetime experience.

U9 Rage Orange Wins State Cup Championship

2017-02-06T23:39:02-08:00November 16th, 2015|

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Pleasanton Rage u9 Orange girls soccer team hoisted the State Cup championship trophy this weekend.  The Orange finished #1 atop a field of 72 teams.  The girls, led by coach Axel Thibodeau, beat Davis Legacy Red in the Semifinal by a score of 3-0 earning a chance to meet their nemesis, Mustang Xplosion, in the Final.  The girls executed beautifully finding the net in the first ten minutes on a beautiful cross and then again midway through the second half on a rocket from outside the penalty box.  The defense held staunch and the Orange prevailed 2–0.
This was quite a year for coach Thibodeau’s side – having won Rage Showcase, the BooFest, and now State Cup.  A fantastic group of girls, includes Abby Mai, Aishwarya Anburaja, Alden Hofstede, Aleka Mandava, Ava Haviley, Eva Torrico, Gianna Guerrero, Gianna Owens, Presley Cash, Reese Gotchall, and Riley Horn.  Congratulations girls!
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U12 Premier Team at RAGE Showcase Youngers

2017-02-06T23:39:04-08:00July 27th, 2015|


Pictured front row: L-R Bella Jimenez, Ashley Heck, Kayli Shimanuki, Natalie O’Sullivan, Maddie Benson, Sophia Minnite, Leila Lyons, Morgan Pearson. Back row: Ava Buckles, Ashley Belshe, Meghan Debudey, Leah Allari, Isela Ochoa, Isabella Guerrero, Caitlin Currie, Hayden Jolley, Maggie Nostrand and Evette Allari.

The U12 Rage Premier team took first place at the Pleasanton Rage Showcase Youngers Tournament the weekend of July 25-26.  The team won in a hard fought battle for the top spot against a field 12 high caliber teams.

RAGE’99 Premier Finished 2nd in NPL

2017-02-06T23:39:04-08:00November 26th, 2014|


RAGE’99 Premier after their game on November 23, 2014 in Davis California
Back Row (L-R): Terra McHone, Tori Sanchez, Delaney Bammer, Audrey Goodman, Madison Baxter and Summer Langsam
3rd Row: Elise Allari, Sydney Pandolfo, Lila Mague, Catherine Cho and Jillian Weber
2nd Row (kneeling): Jennie Waldo, Katie Judson, Keara Greenan, Molly Murphy, Nicole Zhang and Emily Wright
Front Row: Coaches Axel Thibodeau and Ray Hooft
Not pictured: Lilly Ryan


The RAGE’99 Premier finished 2nd in a very competitive National Premier League U15 State Premier 1 division after a 1-0 win over North Bay Elite in their NPL season finale. The team is also currently in first place in the Elite Girls Soccer League (EGSL).

The team is coached by Axel Thibodeau with the assistance of Ray Hooft.

Great job girls!

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