We are members of the U11 Pleasanton Rage Orange and White teams. Our names are Ava Hofstede, Elizabeth Fineberg, Elizabeth Williams, Jordyn Scanlon, Lily Keegan, Kianna Tahmessebi, Paige Morgan and Sophia Marxoux. For our Leadership Service Project we chose the Valley Humane Society because we all LOVE animals!  As a group we decided it was important to do a project that helped out in our hometown of Pleasanton.

Leadership requires both a voice and good actions. Pets don’t have a voice to ask for help so we used ours to help them. We also used our actions to make their life and our community better. Together we made over 40 fleece blankets to help the cats and kittens stay warm and feel welcome at the shelter. The blankets we made by hand.  We also made over 100 cat-nip toys to provide some exercise and fun in ‘Kitty City.’  There is also a wish list at Valley Humane Society for much needed shelter items.  We each donated additional supplies to help the cats and dogs feel more comfortable and less stressed.

As the saying goes, ‘Many hands make light work.’  In our Leadership class we learned how important it is to work together and to listen to each other’s ideas.  We also learned that leaders have a tough and valuable job, which can sometimes be hard to balance. They have to be fair, work hard and be a role model for the team.  We enjoyed this project because it showed us how much we can accomplish as a group.  Making the blankets and toys felt good because we knew wu11orange2e were doing something important for our community.