Volunteer Reimbursement

Pleasanton RAGE is greatly dependent on the volunteer support of our membership to help enable a positive soccer experience for all of our players and families. We are continually in need of assistance throughout the year. To fill this need, the Club has a Volunteer Program and members are encouraged to perform at least 4 hours (per registered Recreational Program player) and 8 hours (per registered Competitive & Select Programs player) of approved volunteer activity(ies).

Upon completion of the approved volunteer activity(ies), members are reimbursed their volunteer fee (paid at the time of Club registration for the Recreational Program, and on July 1 for the Competitive and Select Programs). The volunteer fee for the Recreational Program is $50 (per player), and for the Competitive and Select Programs, it is $150 (per player). There will be no partial reimbursement of fees. The required volunteer hours for families receiving financial aid do not count toward the reimbursable hours. 

Policy Details:

  • Reimbursement is available for volunteer coaches and for volunteer positions that provide support at an age group or Club level.
  • Members are eligible for 1 reimbursement per player. For example, a Competitive Team Manager who has 2 players and is managing both teams can request 2 x $250.
  • Total reimbursement is limited to the season in which the volunteer activity was completed.
  • Aside from the roles of Competitive Team Manager and Competitive Select (Fall) Team Manager, reimbursement is not offered for team-specific volunteer jobs such as treasurer, banner coordinator, snacks, game day set up, etc.
  • RAGE Tournament(s) Support reimbursement is available for 8 hours volunteered above and beyond the hours required to fulfill your Team’s RAGE tournament jobs obligation (applies to Competitive/Select Programs ONLY).

Sign up for volunteer positions and activities within the player registration process and/or contact the RAGE Volunteer Director: volunteers@pleasantonrage.org

Once you have completed your approved volunteer work, please fill out the Volunteer Reimbursement Form (below). At your request, RAGE will provide either a credit or a letter for tax purposes indicating that a contribution has been made to this non-profit organization.

Volunteer Positions

Club Volunteer Positions
RAGE Board Member ($150) Recreational Head Coach ($150)
Recreational Coach with US Soccer Coaching license (USSF Grassroots license & beyond) ($50) Recreational Assistant Coach ($50)
Recreational Age Group Coordinator ($250 per age group) Special Board Appointment; Fundraising Committee Member
Competitive Team Manager ($250) Select Team (Fall) Manager ($150)
Individual Volunteer Activities
RAGE Tournament(s) Support (excluding the 4 hours required in support of your Team’s RAGE Tournament jobs obligation) Opening Day Parade
USL-W Game Day Support RAGE Wear Sales
Club Event Support Recreational Program Marketing
All individual volunteer activities must be approved in advance and coordinated by our Volunteer Director, volunteers@pleasantonrage.org. Also, please reach out for approval of other individual volunteer activity proposals that could be beneficial to the Club.