Hi, my name is Siena Queirolo, and I play for 05 Elite II. For my leadership project, I invited soccer players from different clubs to team up in the spirit of good sportsmanship, friendship, and compassion to pack food at Kids Against Hunger in Pleasanton.

Kids Against Hunger, or KAH, is an organization where they organize people to raise money and pack food to be shipped around the world to kids that need it. Haiti is an example of one of the places where KAH provides food. These kids don’t have any shelter, food, or sometimes even families. I really like this organization because I think they are doing a good thing by feeding hungry kids. Plus, it is a fun experience for groups when they pack food together. I did it with my soccer team during the summer as a team bonding event. We had fun doing something good for others.

It was important to me to help children that are not as fortunate as me. I thought I could accomplish more if I could get more people involved. I thought it would help me with my leadership skills as well. For my leadership project, I really wanted to inspire others to help and make a difference in the world.

First, I called the Sherri, the person who is the head organizer for KAH, to book a date to pack food.  I hoped to get at least 20 people packing food on December 15, 2016.  Then, I called some of my friends that I knew played soccer. I asked them if they could bring some friends from their teams to the packing event. I also sent an email to current and past teammates.  It was hard to get volunteers because it was a busy time of year. The last few days before the event, I finally saw people signing up. Over 40 people signed up and came to my packing event. Finally, I made chocolate chip cookies for the kids and adults who participated in the event. I put a tag on it with a lot of inspirational quotes on it.

The packing event was amazing! Soccer players from 4 different clubs came together and packed 6,264 meals.  I saw players from Pleasanton Rage, Livermore Fusion, West Coast, and Dublin United. I couldn’t believe it!  I think that we did a really good thing and made a difference in the world working together. I hope that I inspired other players to set up their own packing events and pack even more meals than my group did.