05elite1 05elite2Hi, our names are Corin Cornwell and Gracie Segundo {right to left}.  Our project was a Food Drive for the Open Heart Kitchen.  We decided to do this because we wanted to help end world hunger and we thought that it would be fun!  As we did this, we were thinking that even though we had all the food and things we need, other people don’t.  So, we gave up some of our time to help them out.  First, we got some supplies, then we planned a date. We set up our table and went up to people to ask them to help us out.  Most people took our offer.  They gave cans of beans and vegetables and other foods.  We were so proud of ourselves because we didn’t know that something so small could help out so much!  There was one guy during our Food Drive, and he said that HE worked for the Open Heart Kitchen! He works so hard every day to give every person a meal and buy all of the supplies.   We didn’t know that it took so much work to feed people and that so many people wanted to help out!  We were so grateful that we got a chance to learn and discover so much!  This was such a great opportunity!