By: Ashley Heck, Erica Haley, Kaitlyn Lemus, and Kayla Robertson

Our names are Ashley, Erica, Kaitlyn, and Kayla.  We are from the RAGE 2004 Premier team. For our leadership project we agreed to raise money for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (“SPCA”), specifically the East Bay SPCA.

The East Bay SPCA is committed to the welfare of cats and dogs helping those that are injured, lost, or abandoned. Their focus is to raise awareness of animal cruelty and provide adoptions for cats and dogs. They are the East Bay’s oldest animal welfare organization helping animals since 1874.

Our goal was to raise $250 for donation to the East Bay SPCA.  We put our brains together and decided to make homemade dog treats.  One afternoon, we got together and baked lots of dog treats and placed them in nicely decorated bags which we sold for $5.00 each.  We sold our homemade dog treats at the Pleasanton Cubby’s Dog Park, around neighborhoods, and at RAGE soccer games.

We are excited to report we raised a total of $265 exceeding our goal. We delivered our donation to the East Bay SPCA and they were very appreciative.