Recreational Registration Refund Policy

Player/Family Participation and Membership Agreement for Volunteer and Financial Obligations

Accepting a position as a player on a team involves a commitment of time and money for each family. It is required that each player and their family will participate for the entire season, and meet the volunteer and financial obligations as outlined below.

Volunteer Obligations

During the year, our club hosts a number of tournaments and events, which provide a major source of revenue for the club’s operation.  The revenue directly affects the level of club dues each year.
Additionally, our RAGE teams compete in our tournaments at NO cost.  In order to maximize our return, we require each player’s family to volunteer their time to support the club and to fulfill the team’s assigned RAGE tournament jobs obligation.  The club also requires volunteer assistance for team-specific jobs ranging from game day field set up and take down to team operational roles and event help.  Above and beyond these requirements, and in order to recoup your $50 volunteer fee paid at club registration, parents are encouraged to perform at least 4 hours (per registered player) of approved volunteer activity (club-hosted tournament or other event support; opening day parade, etc.).  Upon completion of the approved volunteer hours, please submit the volunteer reimbursement form and $50 will be reimbursed. See PIM 014 – RAGE Volunteer Program for additional details.

Commitment to Team and Club

Forming a team takes significant time and effort for club administrators and the coaching staff. Each family who receives and accepts a position on a club team is expected to participate on that team for the full-prescribed program length. Any family who receives and accepts a position on a team at any point after the start of the season is expected to participate on that team for the remainder of the prescribed season.

Financial Aid – Recreational Program

RAGE provides need-based financial aid for recreational club registration fees. Each year the club budgets a set amount to support the financial aid program, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Financial aid recipients are required to perform 4 hours of volunteer service per season.  These required hours do not count toward the reimbursable hours. To apply for a recreational club registration fee waiver, please visit


  • RAGE offers discounts and reimbursements for the items below.  Please note when membership is eligible to receive the respective discounts:
    Multi-Player/Sibling Discount ($50): Discounted immediately within the registration system when registering multiple siblings within the recreational program. NOTE: Recreational and Competitive soccer use different registration platforms.  If you have players in each program, please complete a support request to receive your credit/reimbursement.
  • Volunteer Recreational Head Coach Reimbursement ($150): Reimbursable by the end of September using the volunteer reimbursement form found on the RAGE website.
  • Volunteer Reimbursement ($50): Reimbursable after completing 4 hours of approved volunteer work (excluding the hours required in support of your team’s assigned RAGE Tournament jobs obligation and other team-specific volunteer requirements) and completing the volunteer reimbursement form found on the RAGE website.
  • Volunteer Coach Professional US Soccer Coaching License ($50): Reimbursable by the end of September by uploading licensing documentation in the registration process. Includes any US Soccer license from the Grassroots license (4 modules required) and beyond.  Only completed licenses accepted, not stand-alone modules.  One discount per coach.  Pleasanton RAGE will also reimburse the cost of your Grassroots license upon completion.  For more information on the US Soccer Coaching pathways, please visit or contact RAGE Recreational Youth Director, Megan Walinski:

Club Registration Refund Policy – Recreational Program Only

A player’s circumstances may change between registration in the Spring and the start of the soccer season in the Fall.  Since the club incurs costs triggered by registration (e.g., administrative, equipment, staff, etc.) that increase over time, fees available for refund are based on the following schedule:

Prior to June 1 100% less $50 administrative fee
From June 1 through July 31 100% less $100 administrative fee
August 1 onwards  NO Refunds

In the event that a player moves out of the area, or has a season-ending injury before October 1, the Club Treasurer is authorized by the Board to provide a refund of 25% of the registration paid.  A doctor’s note is required.

Refund requests must be completed on the RAGE website using the Registration Refund Form (below).

Registration Refund Form – Rec Program Only

  • Original amount paid at the time you registered your daughter.