Player Responsibility

Pleasanton RAGE is all about you, the player. Everything we do is to make your soccer “experience” the best it can be. As a player you should…
Play for the fun of it, not just to please your parents or coach.
Play by the rules.
Never argue with or complain about the referee calls or decisions.
Control your temper and most of all, resist the temptation to retaliate when you feel you have been wronged.
Concentrate on playing soccer and on affecting the outcome of the game with your best effort. Work equally hard for your team as for yourself.
Be a good sport by cheering all good plays, whether it is your team’s or your opponent’s.
Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve skills and feel good. Don’t be a showoff or a ball hog.
Cooperate with your coaches, teammates, opponents and the referees.

Player Code of Conduct


I accept responsibility for my behavior on and off the field. I understand that what I do and say affects my teammates, my club, and other people- either positively or negatively.

I lead courageously and live with integrity by speaking up against injustice and on behalf of others, even when it is difficult or unpopular.

I act with respect toward myself and the people and things around me, including my parents, my coaches, my teammates, my teachers, and my opponents.

I do not put people in boxes according to their race, religion, neighborhood, or abilities. I judge people by the content of their character.

I act with empathy. I try to understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of others and what is causing those feelings so that I can be supportive and encouraging. I ask , ” How can I help you ?”

I serve as a role model at all times by talking politely and acting courteously toward coaches, teammates, opponents, officials. I understand that it is a privilege to represent my family, club, and community as a student-athlete.

I give 100 percent effort to practices, games, and events. I understand that this effort demonstrates my commitment to the team and my respect for my coaches and teammates. When being subbed, I act in a respectful manner to my coaches and my teammates.

I display good sportsmanship. I acknowledge and applaud the efforts of others. I encourage my teammates with positive statements. I refrain from boasting to my teammates and “trash-talking” to members of other teams. I accept defeat graciously by congratulating my opponents on a game well played.

Because I represent my family, club, and team, I abide by the policies, rules, and guidelines of the team, and coaches.



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