cleatsMy name is Julia Lindstrom. For my leadership project I wanted to do something soccer related, so I asked people to donate used soccer gear to help the Sayulita Fúútbol bol Club. On my family’s last trip to Sayulita we donated soccer balls to the club. At that point the club was just starting, but with this donation hopefully will allow more and more girls to learn of the opportunities presented to them by this club and they will get the amazing experience of playing for a soccer club on a team. I asked players from RAGE and BUSC to donate their used soccer gear to help give less-fortunate kids more opportunities. I was fortunate enough to receive many donations. Some of the ways that we gathered the donations was by waiting with a bin after soccer practices, having a bin outside of our house, and we sometimes went to people’s houses to pick up soccer donations. During my inventory, I counted 104 donations in total.s, including soccer cleats, jerseys, practice shirts, various sized soccer balls, goalie gear, and lots of socks!
Thank you for taking the time and effort to give these donations to the girls of Sayulita because it will really have an impact on this quaint town. Thanks for your support RAGE and BUSC!