books-for-barriosHi, our names are Kalena Johnson and Lulanie-Jolie Chauchie-Chop and we play on the RAGE U-14 ECNL team. We choose to work with BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS. BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS is a hands-on non-profit organization dedicated to donating books to kids in need in the Philippines. They give books to the schools to help with language immersion and ‌ education.

We were committed and passionate about earning money and collecting preschool-third grade colored picture books. We both like to read and get involved, and believe that reading is a crucial step in a young child’s education. We live in different areas which made collecting books twice as fast. We enjoyed making posters and engaging with other families so as to serve a better cause. We would go door to door and emailing, kindly asking for a donation. We sent out and printed information letters to our friends, family, and anyone else willing to help, explaining all the info about our project. After this, our parents drove the books to BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS headquarters‌ in Walnut Creek.  We collected a staggering 296 books.

BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS is ‌ very rewarding to know that you are helping children in the Philippines, and contributing to their educational futures. We would ‌ recommend donating to BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS and we can’t wait to help more.