In the 2016 Leadership class, the Rage 2006 U11 Premier team (Sydney Head, Gianna Masinter, Savannah Battaion, Reese Gotchall, and Siena Hunter) did our community project for the actively deployed soldiers. We believe it is a great sacrifice to serve your country!  Not only are you risking your life, but you don’t get to spend time with your families for the holidays.  We wanted to give them some JOY for the holidays. Each one of us got our classrooms, families and friends to write thank you letters to those who have served our country.  Then we u11premier2went out and we purchased different types of things identified as needed by the soldiers.  We also asked and received a donation of toothpaste and toothbrushes from Colgate for the troops and their families.  We wanted it send it to them for the holidays.  We purchased toiletries, a variety of nonperishable food, mini games, and some note cards so they could write to their families for the holidays. Then we all gathered at one location and put everything on a table so we could sort things that matched. Then we counted and documented how many of each item we had in each box to ship.  We stuffed the boxes so all the items would fit.  After the boxes were sealed for shipping, each one of us wrote one word to describe what we thought of the soldiers on a piece of paper. Then we went around the room and shared them.  There were words like Bravery, Loyalty, and Service.  These are words that describe leaders.  Our soldiers are examples of leaders.  We all felt like we did something worthy and will look back on this leadership community project with pride.