To help me, I brought along two of my friends, Irish Vaughan and Ella Srouji and my vocal coach, who also like singing. I first started off by telling them why I was there and then I sang a couple songs. After I sang, Ella and Irish also sang a few songs. After we had finished with that, we sang Christmas carols with them. I had brought lyrics to many different carols for them. It was so wonderful to see so many of them smiling and singing along.My name is Ella Thurlow and I’m a player from the U12 Premier. The three things that I love to do most in life are soccer, singing, and making people smile. I decided that for my leadership community service project, I wanted to make people smile and brighten their day. So I went to Parkview, a living complex for the elderly, and I put on a little show for the people in memory care. Since I love singing, I decided to make my show a singing show

Whenparkview2 we had finished with the carols, we all sat down and talked for a bit. They were all so friendly. My goal coming into Parkview was to make their day a little bit better and to put a smile on their faces. All the residents told me how happy they were and how great it was. I feel great because I accomplished my goal.