Open Heart Kitchen

By: Olivia, Brooklyn, Sydney, and Paige

Hi, this is Olivia, Brooklyn, Sydney, and Paige. We are Rage 06 Elite. For our project, we went to Open Heart Kitchen. Open Heart Kitchen is an organization that distributes free lunches to kids in need. They receive free snacks over the weekend from their school every Friday. It was a really fun project!

We made little quotes to make things different, and more special. Some of the quotes said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” “Never stop learning,”“You are loved,” “Enjoy the little things,” and “ You are made to be awesome.” We hope the kids will love the messages.

ohk1We went to Livermore on Wednesday, December 21 after school. What we did was all four of us stood on one side of a table. There was food on the table. It worked like an assembly line. So first Brooklyn opened a paper bag. Then, she put one of the quotes that we designed, in the bag. After that, she put juice and a milk carton in there. When she was done she passed it down to Olivia. Olivia then put an apple and an orange in the bag and passed it to Paige. Paige then put in carrots and a little bag of goldfish. After Paige put the food in, she passed the paper bag to Sydney. When Sydney received it she put a granola bar and a muffin in the bag. Then, after Sydney got the bag she passed it to Paige’s mom Melissa and then she rolled the bag up and put into a crate. We repeated that process until we had 550 bags packed.
After we were done packing lunches, we felt more appreciative of what we have to eat. We realized how lucky we are to have access to food whenever we want too. Leadership was a very good experience for us!