Since I have pets, and I love animals, I decided to help the Valley Humane Society. They had a list on the website of things to donate, so I made a flier that had my name, an explanation of what I was doing, and the list. I put them all around my neighborhood, and my mom sent them to some other people. The results were very good: about 9 or 10 blankets, 5 bags of dog food, 2 bags of cat food, 2 bags of cat litter, toys, lots of paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, pillows, 4 swiffer products, toilet paper, flea control, a huge tub of soap, 3 normal-size liquid hand soaps, 2 collars, and $45. (I didnt’ count, so all of that was estimated). Happy holidays!

Kayln Epps U13AC
Posted: 12/23/09