For the RAGE Leadership Project I knew right away what I wanted to do. I wanted to help the Valley Humane Society.  Besides soccer on the U11 White Team, I have a love for animals, especially cats & kittens. The first thing that I did was to look on their website to see their wish list of the items that they needed and printed it out.  Next, my Mom and I visited the Valley Humane Society to ask questions like is the wish list current or what events are coming up. We found out about a Christmas event where you get a tag from their Christmas tree and it tells you about something  that they need. We picked two tags, one said to buy a heating pad for kittens and the other said to buy Friskie’s Party Mix, also known as a cat treat brand. We then bought the two items and put them under the tree. Afterwards, I played with the kittens and the cats. After Christmas we checked the wish list again to see what they still needed. They still needed cat toys, cat treats, and dog and cat food. Next, I collected donations right outside of PetSmart. We ended up with five 10oz  packs of Friskie ‘s Party Mix, or cat treats , one bag of cat food, one bag of dog food, and lastly, two mice with catnip inside and two bouncy balls, one that makes tweeting noises and one that lights up.  In March I get to be a Junior Volunteer and will enjoy helping out at Valley Humane Society.  I hope more dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies will get adopted very soon!  

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 Emily Hunt – U11 White Team 2013