This winter Haley Roundtree, Isabella Adamos, and Addyson Mapes participated in the RAGE leadership program. They were all very excited to be selected and have the opportunity to learn how to improve their leadership skills and complete a team project together that benefited the community. The three girls play on the U13 Orange Soccer team for Coach Trisha Gonzales. For their leadership project they decided to raise money to donate to the Red Cross in order to help the survivors  affected by the typhoons in Hayian, Philippines.

 Money was earned by having a bake sale. The bake sale took place on the weekend at Fallon Middle School and captured the attention of those attending and participating in club games.  People had a chance to purchase cookies, brownies, hot chocolate and candy canes. In just one weekend of selling baked goods, the group raised over two hundred dollars.  The hope is that the donation, coupled with other resources from the Red Cross can help at least 20 people by providing them needed food and shelter.  

The team immediately knew they wanted to help this charity when they first heard of the tragic difficulties the people of Hayian were faced with.   Many families were displaced when their homes were destroyed.  Thinking about what this might mean and the suffering that these people were faced with was humbling.  They related to the children and thought about how confusing and sad it must be to have constant reminders of not being able to attend school, play in their neighborhood or see their friends.  “Raising the money for the people in the Philippines made me feel good”  said Haley Roundtree.  Isabella Adamos shared, “I had a lot of fun making the brownies, and I’m glad people were willing to buy them.”  “I’m happy about the money we raised and the results” said Addyson Mapes.  They all agree that Leadership has taught them to give back to their community and  show people that every little bit that they do can make a big difference in someone’s everyday life.