My name is Kayli and I am on the U12 Premier team. When I heard that we would be doing a leadership community service project I knew exactly what to do, I wanted to help the hungry kids in the world.  

So on Thursday night my mom and I went to our church’s Food Pantry. Because it was the week before Thanksgiving, I helped pass out turkeys and groceries for the THanksgiving feast to the needy people in our community.  That was only the first half.

I also went to Kids Against Hunger to pack food for the needy people around the world. I went on Saturday and packed meals for the families in the Philippines.  My friends helped me as well as their parents from our church.  With over one hundred volunteers, we were able to  pack about 20,000 meals that consisted of rice, dried vegetables, vitamin powder, and soy protein.  In the Philippines we are making a huge difference because one bag can feed a whole family for a day.  If we didn’t do this they might not have gotten any food that day.   After we finished packing all the meals, the food will get shipped to the Philippines and be given to staff from Kids Against Hunger to feed needy families there.

Over the past few years, Kids Against Hunger has raised a lot of money to help fund their services.  Different places like Haiti, Philippines, and Africa get the food that we pack for their benefit.  Kids Against Hunger is having a huge success because of volunteers helping the needy!

This project was surprisingly fun, even though its was packing food. Doing this made me feel good inside!