Our names are Michaela Riter, Peyton Raun, Kate Reedy, Ashley Atkinson, and Hannah Deljkic. We are from the U11 Orange Team and we participated in Rage Leadership. For our community service project, we chose to make toys and treats to put under the Valley Humane Society Christmas tree. We did this for the dogs and cats, which need a home for this holiday season. Prior to the visit to the shelter we got together at Ashley’s house and began to make toys for the animals in need of a home for the holidays. The toys were made out of soft braided fabrics. We also made puffballs for the cats. We each went home and tested them on our own pets. Then we made homemade treats in holiday shapes. We met Shoshanna Reed at the Valley Humane Society and brought the goodies in on Monday the twenty sixth. She gave us a tour of the shelter while we gave attention to the dogs and cats wanting to be adopted for the holidays. We visited Kitty Corner and Doggy Drive where the animals were. We put most of the toys under the tree and gave one to each lonely animal. After seeing the animals play with the toys and have fun, we felt the joy of doing something good for the community. This leadership program has prompted us to help with more things in the community. We want to say thank you to Shoshanna Reed and Erika Carlson for teaching us all these great and useful leadership skills. And don’t forget everyone needs a home for the holidays so come and adopt, and you will feel as good as we did. 

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