We are the Rage U11 Grey team. In our group we had Hope Bergmark, Clare Beer, Olga Merkadeau, and Ella Camp. We thought of many charities, but since we all love animals we decided on helping the East Bay SPCA for our community service project.

u11Grey1After the first meeting for leadership our group thought about having a bake sale and selling lemonade the next day. So we decided to meet at one of our houses to prepare. That morning we met up, got our supplies together and headed over to Val Vista. We set up our stand and spread out the baked goods. Next two of us decided that we should go out on foot and sell to the people on the field. There were many generous people who bought lots on treats or made donations, however one person stood out and gave us a twenty dollar donation and told us to have a treat. That day we raised $118. At the next meeting we decided that we should have one more bake sale. We met up at Val Vista again and we decided that we should only make the treats that sold the most from the last bake sale. We sold to many different people and informed them about the SPCA. We raised around $300 total for the SPCA. We looked at the SPCA wish list to find items that the shelter needs. Two months later we went to Pet Smart and they gave us an amazing discount to help us reach our goal.        U11grey3                  

Once we bought all of supplies for the dogs we drove out to the East Bay SPCA.


We brought in our donations and they thanked us for all our hard work and donated supplies. Next they invited us to visit the dogs in the shelter and feed them treats. It was such an amazing experience and we can’t wait to do it again. In all we donated $400 worth of pet supplies for the dogs.