u11OrangeWe are part of the Rage U-11 Orange team. Our names are Ashley, Maddie, Caitlin, and Maggie. For our Community Service project we decided to make blankets with the elders at Stoneridge Creek Community. We made blankets with the elders, and we had a blast! They all had smiles on their faces, and we made their Thanksgiving Day a little bit better. Working with the elders was a fantastic experience. They made our day, and we hopefully made theirs. Stoneridge Creek Community helped us a lot by, donating their time, and also giving us the felt for actually making the blankets.

After making the blankets with the team and the elders, the next day, we drove to the Oakland Children’s Research Hospital to deliver the blankets. When we were there we got to meet Ms. Veronica. She told us all about the hospital and what she does. We got taught how they deliver the blankets to the children, and how they always put a smile on their faces. Ms. Veronica thanked us many times from donating the blankets, and we thanked her for getting the opportunity to give back to our community.

All in all this project was a great success, and we hope to be able to have more opportunities like this one. We recommend doing community service for everyone from all ages. You would be so shocked how fun it really is.