We participated in the Leadership Program and learned that we had to do a community service project.  We immediately thought of the Toys for Tots program because we wanted to help kids that were less fortunate than ourselves in our community.  To accomplish our goal to collect a significant number of toys, we needed the help of our friends, teammates and family.  The first thing we did was make up flyers and hand them out in our neighborhood.  The response was incredible and many people were willing to give toys.  We collected about 85-100 toys over a 2-3 week period.  We took all the toys down to the Fire Station near Stoneridge Mall on Sunday, Dec. 12th.  The firemen were amazed by the number of toys we brought! 

By organizing the toy drive, we learned how lucky and fortunate we are to have everything that we need.  It made us feel good to help less fortunate children and hopefully make their holiday a little bit better.  We really appreciate everyone who has supported and helped us with our successful toy drive!  Thank you Erika!

Lisa DeFeo, Mildreth Gil and Amanda Jensen
U13 RAGE AC White
Posted: 12/15/10