Lauren and I turned in the toys for the Toys for Tots organization after a couple weeks of collecting toys from our neighbors, sports teams, friends, and family, etc. I got some toys from my soccer team at one of our occasional practices. I also donated some toys from my own old toy collection and finally my family bought some new toys as well. Lauren did a really good job of collecting toys from neighbors and her basketball team. It turned out to be a really big collection of toys, we dropped them off at the fire station and we got a couple pictures with one of the firemen who was really happy to take the toys from us (I’ll attach the pictures). They explained to us that they would hand over the toys to a church and the church would personally give the toys to the family in need; knowing this Lauren and I walked away feeling happy about our good deed and hope to try new things like such to help others in need again! 

-Monica Medor

Posted: 12/31/10