We are five members of the U12 Orange RAGE soccer team. Our names are Leila Shafi, Abby Fried, Kasey Cring, Sarah Mirr, and Maggie McPeek. For our leadership project,  we fundraised for a non-profit organization called the George Mark’s Children’s House. This is a house that serves children that are terminally ill and their families so they can live in a homey atmosphere that provides medical care, while still having fun in a place that is fun loving, yet supportive in a medical manner.

We raised money by starting a bake sale at the Pleasanton farmer’s market, and asking for donations, while advertising this foundation. We also sold baked goods to the people that donated. So far we have raised about $666.00. We plan to keep on raising money for this house until we reach our goal of $1,500.00 or more. According to the foundation, our contribution will help them fulfill their mission for the children and families that they serve.

We worked together by having meetings and get-togethers to make the supplies needed for our two bake sales. We all baked, advertised, and fundraised together. Our inspiration to raise money for this foundation was to help terminally ill children that were just like our friend Zachary who has been to this home. This project helped us realize how fortunate and lucky we are. Zackary’s story touched our hearts and that’s why we wished to help and donate to this foundation.


Posted: 1/7/13