My name is Sarah Broacha and for my service project I went to the St. Augustine church and helped sort food as well as put Thanksgiving baskets together for the people that cannot afford to buy a their own dinner. The first thing we had to do was donate food. Once many people donated some food, we all sorted the food that was given into piles on many rows of tables. After that, we all got some boxes and a sticker with: a name, if they were an adult or child, and how many people in the family. Then, we would take the baskets and fill them up with the food we think would be good for that family. I learned that giving food to others especially for a holiday, is fun to do and very helpful. I also learned that we all should help donate food to help people in need. From now on, since this experience was very fun, I will help organize and give food to people for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. Here are some pictures of my friend and I at the St. Augustine church.

~Sarah Broacha

Posted: 11/24/10