For our leadership project, we first started with a meeting at the SPCA. We decided as a group to do the giving tree. The giving tree is where people select ornaments from the tree that has items that they need for the animals. We started with decorating ornaments, then set up the tree and hung up the ornaments. Every week somebody from our group would come by and check on the tree and put the donations in the donation room. This project continued through New Years. We are excited to see that there were a lot of donations for the animals. We collected a wide variety of items for the SPCA.  Some of them include dog and cat food, a large box of leashes, dog kongs (chew toys), cat scratcher towers, a large dog bed, chew bones and pet snacks, dog and cat collars, and money donations.  At the end we collected all of the addresses of people who donated and hand wrote thank you notes to them. We are happy that we could help the SPCA, take a part in saving animals lives.

Quinn Lombardi, Holly Judson, Delaney Soble, Kiera Hegarty, Maddy Mole



Posted: 1/7/12