For my leadership project, I looked up some websites and called a few places that need warm blankets. I just happened to come across the Shepherd’s Gate. The mission at Shepherd’s Gate is to meet the practical, spiritual, and emotional needs of battered and homeless women and children through the love of Jesus Christ, equipping them to lead a life of faith, hope, and love and to reach out to others in His name.  Shepherd’s Gate is a shelter of kids and moms that have been abused. So I decided to make three blankets for the homeless children and moms, which is just in time for the cold and long winter.  We went and purchased fleece fabrics, matching threads, and needles to complete our needed materials.  My mom and I worked together.  I put pins all around the cut-off fabric and to fasten them into place, and then Mom sewed them together for a finished blanket.  We delivered the blankets on December 30 at their Livermore site.
This was a very fun process working with my mom and at the same time it gave me pride and joy to have achieved this goal in my small way to help out needy kids and abused moms.   Just a little tip for you all, don’t do this last minute, do it way before the holidays to beat the crowd.

The people in charge were very friendly and appreciative that I chose Shepherd’s Gate.

  Jenyce Dutcher
U12 Rage White Team

Posted: 1/3/11