For my community service I did something called a Safety Valet. I did this with my school. I go every Friday after school to help kids stay safe. I applied awhile back and it is still going on. My job is important to teachers, kids, parents, and others. I stand out side with others for 20 minutes at least. So far kids on their own have done a pretty good job of staying safe. Mostly because their parents are next to them. We have this thing called a red line, this is in front of the school and you have to stay on the right side other wise we say please step on the other side of the red line. If they still don’t come on the other side we blow the whistle. This is my job for the year, my friends and I have a responsibility and we’re going to use it well for  others. 

By: Samantha Frost
U11 Orange


Posted: 01/25/10