Leadership Service Project

By: Lindsay Otto, Katy Nanney, & Jordan Peters

Team: U14 Orange

For our leadership assignment we chose a project where we collected supplies from our teammates and used them to create birthday boxes. These boxes would then go to kids who aren’t able to celebrate their birthdays. We asked each of our teammates to bring materials for a box. These materials were cake mix, frosting, $10 gift, books, and decorations. Each box was also labeled a certain age range, like an 8 year old girl.

u14orange2 u14orange1

All throughout the last week of October, our team brought us boxes of materials. We later met up to put together and wrap the boxes. Along with it, we made cute birthday cards. Adding a few things the boxes lacked, we filled each box with equal amounts of gifts, decorations, and cake. After, we emailed a Livermore shelter and scheduled a drop off date. On November 25 we dropped off the birthday boxes at the Tri Valley Haven Shelter. They were very grateful for what we had brought in and thanked us for our 15 birthday boxes. This project was really fun and we had a great time getting together. It was a bit hard organizing everything, but we still had an awesome time in the end.