foodbankHello! Our names our Gwen, Samaan, and Carly (left to right). We are from RAGE U12 white. For our community service project we decided to help out at the Alameda County Food Bank. We decided to help out the food bank because they needed volunteers and thought why not help out some of the people in need?

The Alameda County Food Bank is a warehouse that holds a bunch of healthy produce. They gather up volunteers that help package food on a daily basis. That day we were bagging oranges. The people that worked there said that the oranges don’t have to be perfect because they weren’t picky like us, they were just grateful to have food. This made us sad but we were glad that we got to help someone out that day.

At the food bank we did learn a lot. Did you know.. that they said that we could end world hunger by in 2018?! We didn’t believe at first but realized they were serious. With all the donations they got and what they had, we CAN end world hunger by 2018. Moreover, they taught us more about that stuff and to be grateful for what you had.

When they gave us a tour around, they had almost an acre of the warehouse with just fresh produce. And when we got more deeper in the tour, they showed us wine boxes. Of course there wasn’t any wine in there. Instead, meals like pasta noodles and pasta sauce with healthy snacks were in their waiting to be given to a family that needs it. This again made us happy that we got to help someone out that day.

We learned a lot at the Alameda County Food Bank. We also got a lifetime memory experience. It was good to know that we got to help a variety of families out. It makes them a whole lot brighter, which then makes us even happier than we already are which later on puts us in a good mood! Overall, we had fun and enjoyed being there.