My name is Kelly Fietz and I am on the RAGE U11 Grey TeamAs part of the RAGE Leadership Program I chose to do my Community Service Project for the Dublin East Bay SPCA (Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals) because of my love for animals.

I decided to first start my project by visiting Petco and PetSmart, in Dublin, and asking them for donations. Both Managers were very generous and donated new items, that included toys and food, which I could take to the East Bay SPCA. I also submitted an online request to Petfood Express for donations but it can take up to 60 days to hear back.

I then contacted the Dublin East Bay SPCA Education Department, through an online form, and received an email back from the Humane Education Manager that for my Community Service Project I could make cat toys and dog treats.  This was a lot of fun. I used fleece and catnip to make the cat toys and cut up a cardboard box to make the cat scratcher. The dog biscuits were easy and fun to bake also.  I then made an appointment with the Education Director to bring ithe donated items and the stuff Imade, to the Dublin location, and go on a tour of the facility. The staff was very friendly and let me go in several rooms where the cats live and give them the toys I made for them. I also got to see the dog areas and give a couple dogs a toy that was donated by the pet stores.

For the last part of my project I sent an email to familyfriends, and parents of my 5th grade classmates asking them to donate used items like towels, sheets, and collars for the Dublin East Bay SPCA. I setup a box in my classroom at school for the donations and I got a great response. I then took another trip to Dublin to donate everything I had received.

I plan to continue to take in items that the SPCA needs and I also want to participate in some of their programs so I can learn more about caring for cats and dogs and also play and care for them while they are waiting for a home. This facility had the cutest cats and dogs and reminded me of an animal hotel. It made me feel good that they are taken such good care of by the staff.