RAGE is fortunate to have well over 500 competitive players every year. Most players will go through the normal registration process that begins in March/April. Registration normally would be done on-line, with the form found on our web site.

The next step in the process is to purchase uniforms. We have a two-year uniform cycle, which helps a bit to control costs. Uniforms are purchased directly through Soccer Pro in Dublin. Teams will be assigned times for fittings, within a few weeks of placements results. Payment must be made upon ordering and at a cost of approximately $300-350.
Training fees will be published on our web site prior to placements. This sum is paid to the club to cover coach, trainer, keeper trainer, field rental, conditioning (if any), league registration, a team-dependent overhead charge. Payment usually would be monthly, but alternatives may be agreed. First payment will be on June 1st, give or take a month, depending on team and length of season.

Each team may have team-specific costs, such as tournaments, team bonding etc. The team treasurer will ask for a modest sum (usually well below $500) to fund the season, with payment likely before June 1st. Families may ask for payment to be made in installments. That conversation must be with the team treasurer.

Players who join the club after placements have concluded will be contacted by either the club bookkeeper or club treasurer. If you do not hear from one of these people within a week of being placed on a team, you must contact the club treasurer at The first step is to register on line or through mailing the registration form if the system is unavailable after mid-July. If appropriate, training fees will be adjusted for a late start with the team. Parents will be responsible for ordering uniforms from Soccer Pro. Please understand that there may be a delay in receiving the uniforms as these are generally not stocked since are specific to RAGE.