The Adidas competitive team uniform kit is NEW for the 2018-19 season. Except for the U8/U9 players (see below), ALL players are required to purchase the new kit.

ORDERING UNIFORMS (Team Manager/Team Uniform Coordinator info)

New this year:  RAGE uniform fittings are at the field during placements/tryouts.                  There will also be set times, during the week following placements, for players to attend a fitting at the RAGE office.  There will be NO fittings done at Soccer Pro as in the past.

  1. The Team Manager will receive an email from RAGE providing instructions for uploading a team roster.  Team Manager will also receive an email from RAGE Uniform Coordinator, Martha Brown, with this document and jersey number selection info highlighted.  If there are new players to RAGE, or to the age group, on your roster, you MUST contact Martha Brown for available jersey numbers within the age group/sequence. This is important!
  2. Players try on uniform at field or at RAGE office so correct size is ordered. Mandatory uniform items are specified below; Soccer Pro ordering site will also let you know what is required to purchase.
  3. Jerseys are numbered so they cannot be returned!  (Reminder: if it’s a new uniform year, players keep the same uniform for 2 years, so size accordingly.)
  4. Soccer Pro will NOT place the team order until ALL orders for a team have been placed and paid for.
  5. Uniforms are ordered and paid for online.
  6. Approximate cost for a complete kit is $250 – $300.
  7. Manager/Uniform Coordinator will be contacted when order is ready, and will pick up all items at Soccer Pro to distribute to the team.                                                                                  


U8/U9 Teams do NOT buy the competitive uniform kit. Your uniform kit (2 game jerseys, 1 game short, 1 orange game socks) is included in your registration fee.  You will, however, be charged for any extra items purchased (backpack, sweats, extra shorts/socks, and/or RAGE logo practice t-shirts).

U9s are pool players and may move from team to team, i.e., ”pool play.”  Jersey numbers are assigned by team. It is suggested that managers assign numbers alphabetically. Managers, please inform your players that these numbers will stay with them from year to year.

  • Elite Team: jersey numbers 1-12
  • Premier Team: jersey numbers 13-24
  • Orange Team: jersey numbers 25-36
  • Grey Team: jersey numbers 37-48
  • U8 Elite Team 1: jersey numbers 1-12
  • U8 Elite or Premier Team 2: jersey numbers 13-24

U10/U11 Teams are pool players and may move from team to team, i.e., “pool play.” Jersey numbers were assigned by teams as U9. All numbers will remain the same for returning RAGE competitive players and stay with the player throughout their RAGE career. Players new to RAGE competitive teams will choose from available numbers within your number sequence. Please follow the instructions regarding jersey number selection priority outlined below in the “U12 and above” info.

 U12 and above Teams

A player’s jersey number stays with them throughout their career with RAGE. A player can request a number change and can do so at their own cost.

IMPORTANT: Team managers/team uniform coordinators will provide the specific numbers that are available ONLY after confirming with the RAGE Uniform Coordinator, Martha Brown, who has a list of specific numbers available within the age group and within that team’s sequence. If there are 2 players with/requesting the same number please refer to the following jersey number priority system:

  1. Returning RAGE competitive player
  2. Returning RAGE competitive player, but new to the age group or team
  3. Returning RAGE player, but new to competitive
  4. New to RAGE competitive player

2018 UNIFORM KIT includes the following:

Required Items:

  1. Two (2) game jerseys – one orange and one white
  2. Game shorts – players often buy more than one pair. These are also worn for training.
  3. Game socks – Orange and white socks are same as last year. Players will only be required to purchase the orange and white socks as needed.  (NOTE: 1 pair each of orange and white are required to be available at all times.)
  4. Warmup top – New style.  Black quarter zip, no hood
  5. Warmup pants – Black (Required only if you do not currently have these)
  6. Training jersey – Grey. NEW style and material this year. Number on back.

Optional Items:

  1. Training Shorts- Orange (same as game shorts)
  2. Goalkeeper Jersey – (black/grey/orange) Required for goalkeepers only.                    U10s – since there may not be designated GKs for U10 teams, one GK jersey can be purchased by the team to be shared for the season.
  3. Backpack (similar to last year) As long as there is ORANGE on your current backpack, there is no need for a new one. If you have a BLACK ONLY backpack, you must buy a new one.
  4. RAGE logo cotton practice t-shirts. Purchasing practice t-shirts is optional, however it is recommended with 2-4 practices per week. Teams can choose a color other than white and/or grey. Decision to purchase practice t-shirts should be made prior to team ordering so that it can be included in your order menu. Please check with your coach as to whether or not jersey numbers are required.


  • MANAGERS/TEAM UNIFORM COORDINATOR is responsible for taking backpacks to get embroidered.
  • Warm-Ups: Players’ numbers go on the jacket and the pant. NO NAMES. Soccer Pro adheres the numbers.
    • Have player try on warm-ups BEFORE ordering from Soccer Pro; the items cannot be returned or exchanged after personalizing is done.
  • Backpack: Player’s name goes on backpack. Player can put either their first name or last name on the bag.
    • Don’t hand the backpacks out to players. Hold onto them so you can just take them to get embroidered.
  • There is an additional fee for embroidery. (See embroidery information below.)