Valley Humane Society – Ashlyn Mckinley & Jensen Anderson


Rage 07 Premier

For our project we decided to raise money for the Pleasanton Valley Humane Society. We decided to raise money by email, knocking on people's doorstep, and maybe even a bake sale. We ended up raising money by emailing people we knew around the community asking if they wanted to donate money or donate pet supplies. We also went around to some houses asking if they wanted to donate. Then we called to ask the Humane Society whether they preferred money or supplies, and they would take either. Of all this work we raised $225 and a ton of pet supplies. After we got the money and pet supplies raised, we got together and took it to the Humane Society.

Toys for Children’s Hospital – Harper Hopcus & Lexi Bradford


RAGE U13 Elite and Premier Teams

Lexi and I are on the U13 elite and premier teams. We decided to raise money to buy toys for the patients at Children's Hospital Oakland by selling hot chocolate at a Christmas light show in Livermore. It was cold and rainy, so not many people stopped by our stand. We decided to walk around and sell the hot chocolate to people standing in line. Our strategy was a success and we sold out within 2 hours.

Toys for Tots – Kiana Bohanon, Kiana Fuentes, Allison Moore


RAGE '05 Orange

Our community service project was to collect toys and donate them to Toys for Tots in time for the holidays. Toys for Tots is a program that collects and distributes toys to children who cannot afford them. We first started by asking people we knew if they were willing to donate. We then collected the unopened and unused toys from family members, teammates, friends, and whoever else was willing to donate toys for our project. We had done some prior research and found that there was a toy drop-off station for Toys for Tots in Pleasanton. After we collected all of our toys by December 13th, we dropped off our toys there.

Shepherd’s Gate – Ava Kenitzer



For my project I contacted the Shepherd’s Gate Women’s Shelter in Livermore and spread the word about the organization by contacting friends, family, teachers, and team mates. I let them know about my service project and many donated on an Amazon wishlist that Shepherd’s Gate gave to me. My family and I purchased items off the wishlist and hand delivered it. Below is a picture of me when I delivered the items.

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