Hi, our names are Sadie Grozier and Ashley Morton. We play for Pleasanton RAGE U13 Orange. This year we were involved in their leadership program. For our community project, we decided to collect items for www.pleasantonmilitaryfamilies.org. This group collects donations to prepare holiday packages to be delivered to troops that are overseas. In order to make our project a success, we needed to ask for donations. We decided to ask our teammates, friends, family, and churches for help. The items we collected were simple, everyday items that we take for granted like Chapstick, gum, snacks, and toothpaste. We also received cash donations that allowed us to purchase socks, T Shirts, and other items. We were able to collect so many items. In all, we collected about 7 Trader Joe’s bags and 3 large boxes full of donations. Our mentor, Tracey Buescher, was very happy. She is one of the Co-Chairs of Pleasanton Military Families. We were very lucky to have her help through all of this. Pleasanton Military Families is a great organization to donate to if you want to show your appreciation for our military personnel.


Posted: 1/12/12