Parkview Senior CenterOur team is the U11 Grey team. Our names are Ella Gervasoni, Lauren Reilly, Molly Smith, and Olivia Martin.  For our service project we volunteered at the Parkview Senior Center.  We brought them cookies, read to them, painted their nails, and plan to make crafts with them in the future.

At first, we were a little nervous about how they might act towards us.  But after we met them we realized they were very kind and happy to have us there.  They asked us about ourselves and thought we were good readers.  We read picture books to them and they told us that we had “good language” and they liked the books that we chose.

Parkview Senior Center One woman named Gale had family that lived locally but when we asked about them and if they visited she said, “No, they don’t”.  She was very happy to have young visitors and it made us feel good that we were able to brighten their day just by visiting them and talking to them.

We also met a lady named Manuela who came from Mexico by herself when she was younger.  She never married and hasn’t seen any of her family since she moved to California.

We enjoyed being able to work with the seniors and make them happy. We didn’t get to visit as often as we’d like to but we plan to go visit again soon.  We can’t wait to go again!