Notice to the RAGE Membership:

Deadline: August 20, 2018

Any and all proposals to amend the Pleasanton Girls Soccer Association Constitution MUST be presented to the Board of Directors at least (60) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Any member in good standing can propose a change(s) to the Constitution.  The Annual General Meeting will be held on WednesdayOctober 10, 2018.

Amendments to the Constitution shall be voted on at the AGM.

Please email your proposals to

RAGE Board of Directors Annual Elections

A Nominating Committee has been formed and is actively looking for candidates for the RAGE Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of the Executive Committee and other elected Directors. The slate of candidates will be presented at the September 12, 2018 Board meeting. Nominations from the floor may be made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October. The candidates for the Board of Directors’ positions will be voted upon by the membership following the AGM.  Those elected will take office on January 1, 2019 and will serve for a term of two (2) years. For a description of specific Board of Directors positions, please refer to the “Constitution” and “Bylaws” within the “About Our Club/Governance” link. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please email .