Hi, our names are Caroline Clark, Emily Hickey, Emily Meier, Jessica Schmidt, and Allison Harizal. We are from the U14 White Rage soccer team, and we are in the Rage leadership program. For our community service project, we chose to raise money and donate blankets to the Benham Blanket Drive, organized by Natasha Benham-Erdi, who was sending blankets to families in Port Jefferson, New York, a little town that was greatly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. We had a bake sale at the Sports Park to raise as much money as possible to buy blankets, and we ended up raising $170. We used that money to go to Target and buy ten big blankets. Then the next day we brought the blankets to the drop-off site, The Bracelet Bar downtown. During this process, we met many people who were very thankful for what we were doing, including a man at the bake sale, our cashier at Target, her manager, one of the women who was collecting the blankets, and Natasha Benham herself, although we didn’t get to meet her (she sent an email). We were very glad to help the families in New York, and it made us want to do something like this again. Thank you for all the great leadership skills you have taught us!



Posted: 12-7-12