kids2For our leadership project we went to Kids Against Hunger to help pack food for kids. We invited some teammates and friends to help pack food with us. When we got there we put on our apron, hairnets, and rubber gloves; then we got started.  First we watched a video on needy kids in Hatti. (That is the place we would be sending the food.) In the video Kids Against Hunger gave food to the kids unfortunately  some didn’t get any; so this challenged us to pack food for everyone that was in need. First they taught us how to pack the food, and what to put in it. We each had a different job, and to remember the order we were supposed to put the food in the plastic bag we made up a song. The food was healthy and provided with protein. Some of the jobs were: holding the plastic bag, then putting in the wheat, veggies, protein powder, and rice. After we put everything in we handed it to the person who weighed it, then we handed it to the sealer who had to seal it, and finally put in boxes to send to Hatti. In conclusion we loved packing for the kids that are very hungry, and can’t wait to pack again.