In October 2011, one of our fellow soccer players from Tri-Valley Force was diagnosed with bone cancer. She had been in a great deal of pain and had seen a Physical Therapist for some time before the therapist recommended her to see a doctor. It was then she discovered the bone disease.

Breezy has been very sick and her medical bills are very high. So, after my team had heard about Breezy’s game at Amador High School, my coach, mom, and I found it the perfect opportunity to raise money for Breezy. With the help of my mom we contacted many people to tell them about Breezy’s fundraiser. I hand made the poster and talked to people to encourage them to donate. In the end we raised $643.00! We have sent the money to Breezy’s family and we really hope it helps.

Thank you for teaching us about leadership,

Karin L. McCarty

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Posted: 1/5/12