Hi my name is Tiara Lewis and for the community service project I made fleece blankets for the children of Children’s Hospital Oakland.

To start out I went to the fabric store with my mom and purchased blanket kits. We got many different kinds of blankets: kids, teens, animal, cartoon, and sports.

My mom and I went to Children’s Hospital Oakland after the holidays because lots of people come in around that time and I felt it wouldn’t be as special. When we got to the hospital I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I met all the nurses who were so happy to see what I had made for their patients.

terra2b I came to the first room and opened the door, there was a little girl and she was the cutest thing ever. All the nervousness went away and I handed her a blanket with a smile on my face. I gave a blanket to a teenage boy who was not able to talk and could not move on his own, but I handed him a blanket and he smiled big when I gave it to him. Next, I gave one to a little boy who was pretty badly injured.  It was hard to look at. He didn’t want to take it and only wanted his mom because he was in a lot of pain. I left the blanket on the end of his bed and his mom seemed veryhappy about it. Before we left that night the nurses brought me back to his room to peek in and he was laying down in his bed cuddled up with my blanket! That made me really happy that he enjoyed it so much. I gave blankets to many other patients, but those were the one’s I remember the best, the ones that still make me smile as I’m typing this. The nurses at the hospital were more than nice and enjoyed my visit also. They told me how hard it was for their patients to be alone and scared in the hospital and how much this would mean to them. I didn’t think that giving a blanket to someone could mean so much, but after I left I knew it did. Doing this project helped me realize how fortunate I am and when you are fortunate in life it is important to share with others and help people out who may not be as fortunate as you are. 


Tiara Lewis U14 ECNL


Posted: 2/20/13