For our 2017 Rage Leadership Community Service Project, we decided to help our local animal shelters by donating goods such as handmade blankets, toys and treats for the animals. On November 25th we visited both the East Bay SPCA and the East County Animal Shelter to find out what they needed the most. Blankets, toys and treats were on the top of the list. We then went to the fabric store and bought loads of fleece fabric at a very steep discount. Then we went to two local pet stores and asked for donations. One store donated 65 new, stuffed toys! The same store gave us a great discount on some dog treats. At the other pet store we purchased some cat toys. On December 1st we started making the fleece blankets in 2 different sizes so that they would be good for dogs and cats. The four of us made 26 blankets and 23 handmade toys. We also received 56 handmade blankets from Mrs. Violichs 5th Grade Class at Walnut Grove Elementary in Pleasanton! On December 17th we gathered everything up (82 blankets, 65 new stuffed toys, 5 bags of treats, 23 handmade toys and 14 new cat toys) and headed out to the SPCA and the Animal Shelter to make our deliveries. Both places were so happy to receive the blankets, treats and toys! Overall it was a very fun and rewarding experience for all of us. The four of us work well as a team and we are so glad we got the opportunity to make a difference in our community!

– Kelly, Maddie, Samaan, & Sophia, Orange 04