In this project we are trying to help and save the earth by picking up as much trash as we could around our neighborhoods.  This keeps the earth clean and the animals safe from eating all the trash and getting sick and possibly getting injured or dying.  The total amount of trash that we collected was unbelievable we were so shocked that a lot of people didn’t stop to think about what would happen and the amount of damage it could do to a living creature, and how much dirtier it would make the earth.  Trash is a major problem all over the world, and we all wish that more people would step and help out around the world to keep it clean and safe at the same time.  We think that this is an important message to everyone around the world to help out in every way that you can because even if you help out in the littlest way you are still making a huge difference in and around the world.


I went around my whole neighborhood and to my community park picking up trash. It was actually pretty fun because the after result of such a simple project could really make your park nicer and it would also help protect any animals from getting really sick by eating the garbage or getting stuck in it. After I finished picking up all the trash, I was surprised to see that my trash bag was full of trash. This shows that we need to take action and we need to do our part in keeping our city clean. If you see some trash just lying on the street or anywhere else it takes less than a minute to pick up the trash and then throwing it away. If everyone did this then it will make a huge difference in the world and it will keep everything much cleaner.


I had a great time completing my service because I got to see how much of a littering problem my community/ neighborhood has and it really made me realize that we should stop littering in our community and keep earth clean. I’m glad that I was able to complete this community activity because I learned a lot from it and I learned how much the people in this world litter. It’s a great thing when your able to really go out and look at what we are guilty of too because I’m sure we have all littered at sometime or another. Overall I had a great time participating in this service!


When I went outside and saw all the trash it was devastating to see how many people didn’t even care about the destruction of our environment. In the end it was really fun to help keep our environment clean and safe.  It’s a good thing to know that doing the smallest things can help the world the most.  By doing that makes me so happy knowing that I helped the world in the biggest way.

– Morgan P., Ava B., & Sofia s. – 04 ECNL