For our Leadership project, we collected books for Mrs. Sandy Schnurr’s third grade class. Mrs. Sandy Schnurr teaches at Rodeo Hills Elementary School. She was in desperate need of books for her classroom. A lot of her students were reading below the class level and she did not have enough reading materials to improve their reading skills. So we decided we would collect new or gently used books to give these kids a chance to improve their reading skills. We set a lofty goal of collecting 100 books and we exceeded our expectations by collecting 205 books. The books we collected were at different elementary reading levels so it would benefit her entire class. Mrs. Schnurr was very excited and very thankful. We hope our project helps these kids develop a love for reading. – Anjali Rai, Marisa Riordan, & Cassie Santana


Cassie, Anjali, and Marisa did another part of a project together:

bagsWe also went to Harvest Park and cleaned up the trash that was lying around everywhere. We collected more garbage than we thought we would which, is good because now the school looks a lot cleaner. This picture is of us holding the garbage bag full of garbage that we collected.

Posted: December 9, 2009