RAGE Kicks Cancer

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RAGE Kicks Cancer

3rd Annual RAGE Kicks Cancer

Our 3rd Annual RAGE Kicks Cancer event will be held on Monday, October 17th, from 4:00 – 7:00 at the Stanford Medicine Sports Complex. This will include a 5-K run/walk fundraiser as well as a picnic and breast cancer awareness activities. All proceeds will benefit Culinary Angels, a volunteer, donation-based organization that provides nutrient-rich meals and nutrition education to people going through a cancer challenge.
Community service events are an important part of the RAGE mission and values. Volunteer participation is a great way to show our commitment to these values. Please consider signing up to volunteer – WE NEED YOUR HELP!
All players registered to participate in this event will be entered into a prize raffle! Register by clicking the button below.

ECNL Town Hall

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Did you miss the last ECNL Town Hall?

To learn more about the top girl’s youth league in the country, please view this great informational discussion.  Much is covered about the Elite Clubs National League vision and core values.  Additionally, the player pathway is reviewed, including the ECNL Regional League (for our ECNL-2 teams), new Super Cup programming, conference selection programs, national training camps, and exceptional college showcases that consistently draw more collegiate coaches than other events throughout the country.

RAGE New Coaches and College Recruiting Panel Webinar

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RAGE Webinar Series: College Recruiting Panel

Featuring current and former RAGE staff with extensive college coaching experience and expertise in every collegiate division

Please Join Us - Click Here!
When: Monday, April 27th @ 3pm
Please join us at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85030913710
The format will include open Q&A from attendees, so please come ready to participate!
Please Join Us - Click Here!

Moderated by: Erin Sharpe, RAGE DOC
Former Head Coach, Colorado Mesa University
Played at Santa Clara University

Meet Our Panelists

Tina Estrada
Tina EstradaAssociate Head Coach, San Jose State
Former RAGE Coach and Alum
Former Associate Head Coach, St. Mary’s College; Assistant Coach, DePaul University
Played at Santa Clara University
NCAA Division I Panelist
Lorna Brownlie
Lorna BrownlieAssistant Coach, Cal Berkeley and RAGE Director of Goalkeeping
Former Head Coach, Auburn University at Montgomery; Assistant Coach, University of the Pacific
Played at University of Mobile
NCAA Division I & II and NAIA Panelist
Alena Thom
Alena ThomRAGE Technical Staff, 2008-2006 (11v11 Stage I) Age Group Coordinator and 2020-2021 season 2005 (U16) ECNL Head Coach
Former Assistant Coach, Wake Forest University; Chabot College
Played at Wake Forest University
NCAA Division I and Community College Panelist
Mike Herman
Mike Herman2020-2021 season RAGE 2004 (U17) ECNL Head Coach
Former Head Coach, Holy Names University; Assistant Coach, University of Hawaii; University of San Francisco; San Francisco State University
Played at St. Mary’s College and Holy Names University
NCAA Division I & II Panelist
Jonathan Decker
Jonathan Decker2020-2021 season RAGE 2012 (u9) Elite and 2008 (U13) Premier Head Coach
Former Assistant Coach, California Lutheran University; Moorpark College
Played at CSU Monterey Bay
NCAA Division II & III and Community College Panelist
Toby Frohlich
Toby FrohlichRAGE Technical Staff, 2010-2009 (9v9) Age Group Coordinator and 2020-2021 season 2007 (U14) ECNL Head Coach
Former Assistant Coach, Wright State University; Northern Kentucky University
Played at Northern Kentucky University
NCAA Division I Panelist

2018 RAGE Executive Committee

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1-12- 2018 Notice to the Membership:

On January 10, 2018, at the RAGE Board of Directors meeting, the
following candidates were elected by unanimous vote as officers of
the Club:

President: Jon Asmussen
Competitive Vice President: Martha Brown
Recreational Vice President: Mike Stewart
Secretary: Dan Allari
Treasurer: Ross Stonesifer

Their duties are effective immediately.

Holiday Gifts for Local Kids and Families

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Holiday Gifts for Local Kids and Families

Our service project was working with the Pleasanton Police Department to deliver Holiday Gifts to kids and families around Pleasanton who don’t have a lot of money to buy gifts. The P.P.D (Pleasanton Police Department) gave us a list of kids by age and gender that were in need of gifts. We shared that list with our soccer team and asked them to donate gifts for our project. Some people donated money for us to pick out the gifts instead. We also asked for donations from our friends and family as well. We then took the money that was donated and went shopping for the kids on the list we still needed gifts for which was fun! We ended up having a gift for all of the kids on the list! When we donated all the gifts to the P.P.D they told us we could go out with them to deliver them! We met the officer at the police station on Dec. 20th, 2016. They told us which items we would be delivering, and introduced us to the officer that would be helping us. He let us load up a wagon and wheel them to the car and load them in. We got to ride in the police car, even though there wasn’t any lights it was pretty cool. We made lots of stops and everyone was very thankful. We felt very happy we were able to give to kids who might not have gotten a present during the holidays! It reminded us to be thankful for what we have and to always give more than we receive. It definitely made us feel happy that day to make others smile.

-Camryn Hobizal and Daniela Robinson, 05 Grey RAGE

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