Tryout Sessions

2021-06-07T14:46:39-07:00May 19th, 2021|

RAGE Tryout Sessions

If you are interested in arranging a tryout session with one of our Pleasanton RAGE Competitive teams, please contact one of our following Age Group Coordinators (AGC)/staff members below:

Marco Lopez

2014-2012 (7v7) AGC
2010 (U11) Orange, 2004 (U17) ECNL 2

Toby Frohlich

2011-2010 (9v9) AGC
2007 (U14) ECNL
Alena Thom

Alena Thom

2009-2007 (11v11 Stage 1) AGC
2005 (U16) ECNL

Walter Pratte

2006-2004/3 (11v11 Stage 2) AGC
2006 ECNL, 2003/02 (u19) ECNL
Erin Sharpe

Erin Sharpe

Director of Coaching
Phone: (970) 683-1121